Cheese, Please!

Your charcuterie board can be whatever you want it to be

If you follow my stories on Instagram then you know that I love a good charcuterie board. In addition to having them available as finger food at a get together, I’ve been known to make a small one as a single gal lunch/dinner.

Here are some of my tips for making one for your next gathering. Or for your next quick snack.

The Board

While a charcuterie board can be a mish mash of things, you want to remember that it’s also about presentation. That starts with the right board. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes but I discovered one from Royal Craft Wood recently that I love.

Royal Craft Wood Cheese Board



I like to have options for different tastes when it comes to the meat selection. My go to selections are prosciutto, 1-2 types of salami, and ham. I like to either roll the meat or stack it in a simple pattern.


I’m kind of a cheese addict. So this is where I can sometimes go a bit overboard. When sticking with the basics I will use 1-2 types of cheddar, swiss, pepper jack, and brie. If making a more elaborate board I may also include provolone, and gruyere. 


For fruit I typically use the same thing every time. Strawberries, blueberries, cherries, and grapes. However, I have been known to also work with raspberries and apricots.

Dips & Spreads

I like to include a few small bowls with dipping/spread options. These are usually some type of jelly, honey, or veggie dip. My go to dip is spinach dip. And for fun I may add some type of chipotle dip or spicy mustard.

Bread & Crackers

Tiny baguette slices, various types of crackers, and pretzels are perfect additions to your board. As well as breadsticks. 

Nuts & Olives

While I personally prefer black olives, I will include black and green for my boards when hosting.

For nuts I always include cashews as those are my favorite. I will also add almonds or peanuts. When using peanuts I prefer something with a bit of a flavor kick like honey roasted.

Whether you’re hosting a family event or a dinner party for business associates, a charcuterie board is a quick and easy way to add a light bite.

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