Brunchalicious: Ladies Who Brunch

Bring the brunch to your home

Brunch. A magical word that can bring added happiness to your weekend.
Brunch doesn’t have to include a long wait at a restaurant or feeling rushed to let another party have your table. You can coordinate your own brunch at home with more ease than you think.

For food make it as simple or as grand as you like. If you don’t want to spend all morning in the kitchen consider catering. Many restaurants offer catering menus for small and medium sized groups. If you prefer to do everything yourself then head over to Costco. They offer a variety of pastry and deli platters. You can also grab items like pancakes and quiche from the frozen food department. Fruit salad or a fruit platter is also a nice addition to a brunch menu.
Buffet style is always good for an at-home brunch as it will allow guests to eat at their own pace and make their own selections. It also keeps the host from having to spend all day serving everyone. Food warming stations are great for keeping hot foods hot throughout the day. And if you’re having a buffet style brunch a DIY waffle or pancake station is definitely something to consider.
Another way to cutback on your work is to have a potluck. Just make sure that you know what everyone is bringing to prevent duplicates and to make sure that nothing is missing.
Also, make sure that your menu has something for everyone. Check with your guests regarding food allergies. And consider special dietary needs for vegans, pregnant or nursing mothers, and anyone else that may have to avoid certain things.

For the beverage portion of your menu there’s lots of room for variety. Mimosas can be made in a few different flavors. You can either make them in large batches or provide the ingredients so that guests can create their own flavors.
Coffee and tea can be offered hot and cold. When it comes to coffee consider ordering from someplace like Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts. They can provide you with milk options, sweeteners, stirrers, and cups. If you place your order in advance you can schedule a pickup time. Most locations will let you order at the time of pickup. Just expect a short wait. For tea I like to mix it up. Have on hand a few different flavors. Your classic black teas, white teas, green teas, and fruit flavors. Have a kettle available for hot tea. For iced teas many brands now offer cold brew bags. Or this is something else that you can pre-make in a container. If you’re hosting a brunch during colder months consider adding hot cocoa or hot apple cider. If you have a single serve system like a Keurig that can help prevent having too much on hand. Only what is desired will be made.
Juices and soft drinks can be added to your list also. As well as specialty drinks. Water is also a must-have so make sure to either grab a case or two or keep some ice water available. Infused water adds a nice touch.

Decorating for brunch doesn’t have to be elaborate. You can pick up a few bouquets from your local supermarket or Trader Joe’s and make them into beautiful arrangements. A quick trip to Michael’s, Joanne’s, or Dollar Tree can dress up your flower selections. Grab a few vases, some ribbon, and anything that catches your eyes.
For music there’s the option of creating a playlist or letting a program like Pandora mix it up a bit. Just create or select a station based off of an artist or song that would make a nice soundtrack to your day.

If you’re ready to host your own brunch don’t worry. If planned properly it can be a piece of cake.

Check out my mimosa post for some fun drink recipes!

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