Yours, Mines, & Ours

Trying to agree on a place to have dinner can be hard, but have you ever tried to agree on throw pillows for your couch? Or find a headboard that you both like? Trying to find decor ideas for your home can be hard when you and your significant other have different likes and ideas. Here’s a few tips to help you come up with some solutions.

Mood Boards
Create mood boards that set the tone of what you’re each looking for. When you place the boards side by side you might be able to find some ideas that can bring certain points together.

Prioritize & Compromise
Do you really need silver walls with glitter? Does he really need that chair that looks like it belongs in a dump? Make a list to categorize how important certain aspects are to you. You may think that you can’t live without a pink coffee table, but if it means living without that hideous throw rug that he’s had since college you might find that you’re happy without it.

To Your Corners
If you’re sparkles and shine, but your significant other is old leather and oak, consider making a personal space for each of you. Give yourselves an area in your home that is all about you. It makes it much easier to agree on the common areas.

You might get a little bummed out because the final results aren’t what you originally planned, but living together means making your environment enjoyable for everyone.

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