Deco Inspo

It used to be that I turned to Pinterest for my inspiration. Now I turn to Instagram. Anything that you need a suggestion for you can find there.

I have to confess that I spend a lot of time on IG. A lot. So I see tons of accounts. Thankfully I have some go to accounts that I can always rely on. This week I came up with a list of IG accounts that I currently turn to for inspiration, and that I think you’ll enjoy as well.


IG account @vintage.soul.designs

I love the soothing tone of Lynsey’s account. She’s an interior designer and a look at her IG will definitely inspire you to take an even closer look at her website

When asked why she enjoys home decor Lynsey replied “It is an expression of who we are. It helps us to create a space that is true to us and that makes us feel good”.


IG account @the_local_fount

Caiti also has an account that I love to turn to when I need inspo for finishing touches. Looking at her account you get a warm at-home feeling. She has stated that she’s “Passionate about helping people feel inspired to make their house a home”. And she definitely succeeds at that.


IG account @homestead_city_dwelling

Georgia peach April is all about the details and that’s one of the reasons that I love visiting her profile. One of the things that April and I have in common is that we both love supporting small businesses. April loves home decor because it allows her to be creative and release stress.


IG account @blessed_casita

Whenever I visit Angelica’s profile I feel like I’m looking at photos from a friend. A peek at her page and I want to sit on the couch with her & catch a movie. And when it comes to home decor accounts that’s one of the best feelings that you can get. She enjoys that home decor gives her freedom to express herself. And she has a great way of doing just that.


IG account @theoppidancottage

I love that Vanessa’s account is a mixture of home decor and her family. It gives you a sense of how certain elements work in everyday life. Vanessa hopes that she has created and continues to create a cozy, warm, and inviting space where her friends and family feel comfortable and welcome.

There are many beautiful accounts in the decor family on Instagram. If you view the hashtags on the accounts listed above you’re bound to find inspiration. Be careful though. You might be tempted to redecorate or remodel after viewing these gorgeous profiles.

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