Staycation Rejuvenation

One of the beautiful fountains at the Lafayette Park Hotel & Spa

This time of year brings gatherings and beautiful decorations, but it can also bring stress. Trying to organize your holiday dinners. Finding the perfect gifts for loved ones. Or just trying to balance all of your obligations and events. It’s enough to make you want to lock yourself in a room with cocoa and pie…or so I’ve heard.

That’s why self-care is so important beyond the “Self-Care September” that many of us had a couple of months ago.

I personally have a couple of things that I turn to in order to allow myself some Me Time. Wandering around TJ Maxx for Rae Dunn pieces. A glass of white wine paired with some cheese and a cheesey movie. Or, when I’m in need of some serious Me Time, a staycation. If I had it my way I would be going on vacation all of the time. Work and other obligations prevent that from being a reality. So while I can’t take a week to go to Florida or England, I can take a day or two and relax locally.

The last two months have been full of activity. Some of it good. Some of it bad. Lots of it draining. So we decided that it was time to do a one day staycation at a local hotel.

We’ve stayed at the Lafayette Park Hotel & Spa numerous times over the last nine plus years. And it’s always been a great experience. The staff is wonderful and attentive. The decor is gorgeous. And the restaurant, The Park Bistro & Bar (when we first started going there it was known as The Duck Bar), is always delicious and hits the right spots.

It wasn’t the cruise to Mexico, or the week in Hawaii that I’m counting down the days until, but it gave me a quick “get away” fix. I think the thing that I enjoy most is that if you’re there on a weekday morning there’s no crowd at the fountain, and they’re usually not getting ready for an event. So this morning I was able to relax with my coffee out there. Just listening to the sound of the water.

Here are a couple of photos from the hotel. I’m thinking that I may want to go back next month when it’s decorated for Christmas. The lobby is so festive that time of year.

The gorgeous staircase in the lobby that is often the setting for bridal shots
One of the many seating areas on the main level
One of the entryways near the main fountain
I fell in love with this mirror the first time that I saw it
How gorgeous are the wood elevator floors?
There are beautiful furniture pieces everywhere that you turn
One of the hotel’s beautiful pieces waiting for you when you exit the elevator at your floor
The view from our room of one of the fountains
I love that they provide you with a special makeup remover

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