Born and raised in Brooklyn, Tiffany got her start in the beauty industry in 1998 while working at a coffee shop in Manhattan. A chance encounter with a regular customer catapulted her into an industry that she had never considered. Her original plan was to get a degree in Journalism.
After 20 plus years of working for companies including Laura Mercier, MAC, Kiehl’s, and Lancôme, she is ready to get back into media.

While Tiffany still has a love for the beauty industry, she also enjoys home decor, travel, entertainment, and many other things that she is ready to share with others.

Tiffany currently lives in the Bay Area. Where she’s still shocked by the weather in the summer.
Her favorite colors are pink, black, and glitter. (*Glitter is a color in her world.) She is known to listen to Mariah Carey’s Christmas music in July. And she will gladly let you know that one of the best things about her birthday is that it’s on ‘Mean Girls’ Day.

Follow Tiffany on Instagram @tiffytaffyworld

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